for horn octet ca. 5'30 written as a gift to ilze brink and the saranac horn retreat


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majesty of blue and green was written in dedication to the powerful nature of nature itself, and specifically as an ode to the history of saranac, new york. saranac was originally established as a town for treating tuburculosis (TB), and subsequently was nicknamed "the healing town." the medical cottages established the foundation of the town that would later grow from it, which carries the legacy of healing. although the physical healing has stopped, the town and its gorgeous lake now serve me as a place of spiritual healing. every time I find myself encased in nature I seem to slip into an incredibly introspective and reflective state.

In writing this piece for the Saranac Horn Retreat, I found myself refinding those deep, complex mental states which I constantly sought out in nature so dearly before. The piece is written to be a breadth of color, utilizing a wide palette to create a colorful work of art in one's own mind. The melodic motifs are simply vehicles on which the color and emotion journeys.

premiere performance by members of the 2019 crane horn choir, led by christina morris:

performance by members of the 2021 crane horn studio, led by hali wack: (timestamp 9:43)