for wind ensemble total time - ca. 13-16' mvt. I - ca. 8-10' mvt. II - ca. 5.5'


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are we, then, cursed to be an experiment of what is possible, or what is impossible? will we be more than a question of the infinite? will we be more than the sum of our simultaneously plagiarized and authored works? once we have been exhausted and replaced, will we dream?
- unknown

day by day, injustice ravages the populous with no end in sight. yet, our response as a society is fleeting. if every voice rose up in opposition to injustice, if every voice applied pressure through multiple avenues, we could create lasting change. but we can't. our lens of focus never stays steady enough. and as the general populous' voice wanes, the power and leverage they held crumbles. 

we are forced to watch from the sidelines as tragedy ravages our society. but it is not by some greater force that we are made to be powerless. it is by our own hand that we do. our own refusal to create power in unity to fight back against a system that does not care about us prevents us from creating change. our own refusal to contribute anything more than new "thoughts and prayers" to a sea of them, all ringing so loudly that every single one loses its meaning, prevents us from creating change. our own refusal to acknowledge and rally against the issues that the system we live in presents to us prevents us from creating change. some of us fight, but some will never be enough.

and so we wait. we watch as every step forward is met by a million steps backwards. we bide our time for opportunities that never arrive. and at the end of the day, nothing changes except the promises we make to ourselves to never waver, to never give up... and so goes the dream of tomorrow. 

50% of proceeds (before taxes) are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to continue fights for the civil liberties of all marginalized and abused peoples across the United States of America.