for wind ensemble level 4.5 ca. 5.5’


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are we, then, cursed to be an experiment of what is possible, or what is impossible? will we be more than a question of the infinite? will we be more than the sum of our simultaneously plagiarized and authored works? once we have been exhausted and replaced, will we dream?
- unknown

...and so goes the dream of tomorrow, mvt. II (from the ashes of yesterday) casts a mournful eye toward the continuation of a vicious cycle of violence in the united states. in centering hymn-like gestures that are slowly transformed in such a way as to lose their initial musical purpose, the work reflects our aptitude to offering “thoughts and prayers” in times of civil tragedy, and the swiftness with which our society turns to ambivalence soon thereafter. it is a reaction to our continued choice to treat simple recognition of a problem as the solution, rather than just as the first step in a long process of reparations and reconciliations.

50% of proceeds (before taxes) are donated to the american civil liberties union (ACLU) to continue fights for the civil liberties of all marginalized and abused peoples across the united states of america.

perusal score: 

premiere by the boston conservatory wind ensemble, directed by matthew marsit: