for chamber orchestra ca. 8'


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the concept of a twilight is that of a process that approaches an ending of some variety. upon hearing the word, one tends to immediately imagine an astronomical twilight - the final breaths of the day at hand. I find that this twilight is a pensive moment for the earth; these final moments are met with a pontification on what was and what may be. It is similar for humanity. the ends of our lives are preceded by a vital twilight. retirement and the slow loss of bodily function allow us a chance to ponder the totality of our lives (if we are lucky enough to have a fully functional mind at the twilight of our lives). we ruminate on the impact that we created on those around us and imagine what may lie ahead for us when our day ends.

twilight is an exploration of this pensive final moment, both in nature and in ourselves. a swath of cooler harmonic colors paints the image of the final moments of a day. yet, even at twilight all life does not end, and so too is this true of the music; the background continues as normal even as the foreground takes its final breath.

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premiere performance led by christina morris (conductor): (timestamp 18:31)